Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thankful on A Thursday

I have a friend from high school named Gini, and although we haven't kept over the years, I found her blog and I love it. I love her financially savy coupon trifecta tips, and more importantly, I love Thursday. So much, that I wanted to bring Thankful on a Thursday to you. I think this is a beautiful thing that I am really going to enjoy. So in no particular order...

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1.) I am thankful for my sisters.

I have one sister in a league of her own, but I have multiple others who consistantly change my world for the better. I love that we stay close though we may be far, and I never doubt that you'll be there in my moment of need. I am truly blessed for each one of you.

2.)Faith, Family, Friends
It's such a simple statement, but it holds so much meaning in my life. It's our family motto, an exclamation of our top priorities. I reflect on it daily, and it keeps me gounded in our roots.

3.)My Husband and Best Friend Layne.
I don't know if it's worth attempting to explain. The man may not be perfect, but he is completely perfect for me.

4.)I love being in school... For Real.
I have really loved being a sudent, and I am so thankful for everyone's love and support. It has meant the world to Layne and I as we make these transitions in our life. We love haveing you with us on the ride...

5.)My Account Test Grade
I studied all on Thursday. Student all day Friday until 7pm Birthday dinner for Erol. Saturday- all day. 12+ hours. All worth it- got my highest grade yet on a test!

Looking forward to sharing more next Thursday...

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